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Please call me at 505-271-1500 for directions or schedule an appointment.  

My studio is located at 3233 Candlelight Drive NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111

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Group Orders Welcome!

Southwestern Broomstick SkirtBroomstick Skirts - The Traditional Southwest Skirt

The broomstick skirt is the anchor of my business. The original broomstick skirt contains three tiers, unlike the single tier of the "Attitude" skirt. My skirts are original because of my choice of fabrics. Every fabric is handpicked by myself. I use lots of fabric in each skirt to make sure they are always full.


Regular Size Skirts are $69.00   |   Plus Size Skirts are $74.00

To place an order, fill out the "Place an Order" form.  Tell me the name of the fabric you want in the message box. I will respond either by email or phone to confirm your order, obtain a method of payment, and arrange for your item to be shipped directly to you.


*We have taken every effort to display photos that accurately represent the colors of the fabrics/material used in our garments.  Some displayed fabric colors may be distorted due to the way the material photographs or due to the lighting of the fabric.

If you have any questions or concerns at all, please request a sample of the material. 


Skirt Sizing Chart

Skirts are One Size Fits All and are made in the following lengths:  28", 32", 34", 36", 38", 40", and 44".

Plus size: Please contact me with your waist measurment and the length of the skirt you prefer. 

Broom Sticking Instructions:

While wet turn skirt inside out, then spread on a flat surface.  Start by holding the skirt at the waist and then hem, and pull to form a rectangle.  With one hand at the top of the other at the bottom roll your skirt into itself. Place the toe of a nylon stocking at the top and roll it down the skirt, stop a few inches from the bottom.  Tie a string around the top and hang.  Then  pull the hem of the skirt to form the pleats.  Finish pulling the stocking over the hem.

Allow to dry 48 hours.  Remove and wear.