About Duo Designs

I have been exhibiting my clothing in fine art and crafts shows since 1990. Over the years my patterns have changed but they have always captured the aura of the Southwest. The staples of my clothing include: the "Attitude" skirt, the traditional broomstick skirt, the "Sassy" skirt, Scarves, and kids' clothing. All of my work is displayed in a colorful booth that provides many of the show goers a comfortable environment to shop.

The "Attitude" skirt is a sassy take on the traditional broomstick skirt. This has the original three tiers replaced by one long tier. This skirt really gets its name from the slit on two sides, which are studded with silver on both sides. The skirts versatility in the way the slits can be worn (front to back, side to side, on the front of one leg and the back of the other.)

The broomstick skirt is the anchor of my business. The original broomstick skirt contains three tiers, unlike the single tier of the "Attitude" skirt. My skirts are original because of my choice of fabrics. Every fabric is handpicked by myself. I use lots of fabric in each skirt to make sure they are always full.

Girl's Bolero and skirts are made for the young ladies. These outfits which include a Bolero vest, mini-broomstick skirt and matching hair-tie, are meant to last for years to come . The bolero is reversible and the skirt is just as full as my adult versions. The skirt quickly becomes a girl's favorite when she discovers how fun it is to twirl in this outfit.

The booth display is always an important part of the show not only for the individual, but for the whole event. I have taken an evolving approach to setting up my display. This means that I design my display to be appropriate for the show i am in. I like to cover most of my "dead" space with outfits paired together. I have several racks of clothing to give people plenty of options to select. I even add a bit of humor by hanging a sign that states, "Your husband called, and he said you can buy anything you want." I greet each customer as they enter my booth and do my best to make this a great environment to be in. Making women's and children's clothes are my passion and business.

I feel lucky to be able to say my "job" is something I have enjoyed doing since i was five years old. While back then I may have been designing clothes for my Shirley Temple doll, I now make clothing for a wide variety of women. I truly love the way it feels when a woman has left my booth feeling excited about an outfits she has just bought and can't wait to put it on.

-Peggy Arnot